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One time investment in solar can save your money for long term


Rooftop solar

           In the event that you are thinking about sustainable power source to chop down electricity bills or to do your bit for the earth, a housetop sun based arrangement is the solution to your necessities. On the off chance that your current business premise has adequate space to introduce housetop sun based, we offer you redid sun oriented force arrangements according to your necessities to assist you with understanding your business objectives

          Installing a housetop sunlight based force plant will generously cut down your energy costs since sun oriented duties are lower than winning lattice taxes. Additionally, it encourages you to adapt your current zone, similar to housetops or stopping territory, by upgrading its worth. All in all, would you say you are prepared to do the switch?

best solar in belgaum
best solar in belgaum

On Grid solar

On the Grid Online mode:

Grid energy is the favored wellspring of energy at site (sun oriented/grid power)

Battery gets charged utilizing grid power

Load is controlled from the grid

Off Grid Solar

On the Grid Offline Mode:

Power for the load is provided by the battery

At the point when the ESS is not, at this point ready to give energy, power will move to the diesel genset

The controller streamlines the diesel genset for ideal effectiveness and lower fuel utilization

Control of tasks is reestablished to grid online mode once grid power resumes

best solar in belgaum

Solar Panel Servicing


  1. Carrying out visual inspections.

  2. Conducting verifications of the PV system operations.

  3. Taking corrective actions.

  4. Monitoring and verifying

  5. how effective the corrective actions are

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